US military in fear of Chinese cyber attacks

The US military has joined Google in warning against the threat of Chinese cyber attacks, with a strong claim that American systems are being hacked.

US Navy Admiral Rob Willard said in a prepared statement: “US military government and networks and computer systems continue to be the target of intrusions that have originated from within the People’s Republic of China.”

Willard said that although the attacks were mostly concentrated towards stealing data, the skills that were being demonstrated also applied to network attacks. He was careful not to shop the government by name though.

He also said that the US military in the pacific area faced threats against their computer systems which were challenging their ability to conduct operations.

He said: “US Pacific Command, in conjunction with the newly established US Cyber Command and other Service and Agencies, is working on solutions to detecting these attacks on our networks and to responding to them in near real-time.”

With Google’s firm action, this was a sign that US government and business were on the same page when acknowledging the cyber-threats from China.

Rumours have circulated that Dell was considering a pull-out, but as usual profit is likely to win the day for many companies. 

This kind of behaviour by China is not new, and big firms like Microsoft and Yahoo have not given any sign that they will be joining Google in leaving.