US mandated backdoor let Chinese hack Google

A report on CNN by a security technologist said that Google’s massive hack attack took place because of a backdoor left open to comply with government laws.

Bruce Schneier said in the article that the US government “inadvertently aided the hackers” because Google has a backdoor access system into Gmail – one that’s mandated by the US government to aid search warrants.

Schneir makes the valid point that governments all over the world are passing laws allowing authorities to monitor internet communications.

He also says that the kind of systems democratic governments are insisting on promote criminal misuse and allow governments themselves to abuse the systems they’re insisting on.

He says: “China’s hackers subverted the access system Google put in place to comply with US intercept orders.” He wonders why it hasn’t occurred to the legislators that these surveillance systems could be used for crooks to access people’s bank and credit card information.

And he also warns that such comms systems are inherently insecure and could easily help authorities to build a  police state. The article is here.