US intros Einstein plan to defend its cyberspace

The American government opened its kimono slightly to reveal its plans to protect the Federal Government from cyber attacks.

The scheme, developed by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies including the NSA, is dubbed Einstein.

The Federal Enterprise Network will be managed as a single unit with trusted internet connections. That means that there will be a common security approach intended to reduce external access points.

Secondly, the government will introduce intrusion detection systems with passive sensors that will, so to speak, light up when unauthorised people try to access the networks. There will be automatic analysis of packets of traffic arriving or leaving US government networks using a signature based system.

Thirdly, the government will provide information sharing across different government departments and invest in additional manpower to assess cyber threats from foreign governments.

Agencies will share security information between each other and the government will use counter intelligence to coordinate activities and to prevent foreign cyber threats against both the government and the private sector. Additionally, the US will define a federal role to extend security into important infrastructure domains.

The US government gave no time scale for introducing the different initiatives it’s organising.