US home to more botnets than Russia and China combined

An interesting report fresh out of McAfee claims the US is home to more botnets than Russia and China combined. Botnets are usually associated with third-world countries, with weak regulatory frameworks and plenty of loopholes for money laundering.

A total of 631 botnet control servers are actually hosted in the Land of the Free, which is hardly surprising as the US is still the Mecca for cheap hosting. The British Virgin Islands ranked second, with 237 servers. With a population of just 27,000, the tiny Caribbean nation has the unflattering distinction of hosting more botnet servers per capita than any other place in the world, one per 113 residents. Still, we are talking about the Caribbean, and botnets are apparently the new privateers.

The Netherlands ranked third with 154 servers, trailed by Russia and Germany with 125 and 95 servers respectively. Korea came in sixth place with 81 servers, while the Swiss also got on the list, with 77 botnet servers, as if cuckoo clocks and banks weren’t enough of a nuisance.

Australia ranked eight with 83 antipode botnet servers, while China hosts just 48. With all the bad press China gets for malware, botnets and alleged cyber attacks, this is a pretty low figure, a far cry from the terracotta cyber army some US media outlets would have us fear. Canada hosts 38 botnets and ranks tenth.

Clusters of botnet servers are also visible in other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Very few botnet servers are hosted in South America. The only continent with no botnet servers? Antarctica.