US Government confirms Lockheed Martin hack

Hackers were unable to gain access to anything secret at the defence contractor Lockheed Martin, despite launching a “significant and tenacious” cyber attack.

Lockheed Martin, the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon have officially confirmed that the contractor’s information systems had come under attack.

Defense Department spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel April Cunningham, said the impact on the Pentagon was minimal, and it didn’t expect any adverse effects.

However, the attack should still scare the willies off of the glorious defence establishment. It represents a concerted attempt to breach the contractor’s systems.

Chris Ortman, Homeland Security spokesman, told the Huffington Post  that his lot and the Pentagon were working with the company to determine the breadth of the attack and “provide recommendations to mitigate further risk.”

Lockheed Martin officially said that the May 21 attack was detected “almost immediately”, and it took countermeasures.

It insists that its systems remain secure and no customer, software or employee data was nicked.

Some parts of the company network are still down with security working to restore employee access.

As you might expect, neither Lockheed Martin nor the federal agencies revealed specifics of the attack.