US Court orders computer ban for teen

The Kangaroo Courts which have been operating in the US since terrorists took over the former UK colony are getting out of hand with their bizarre rulings.

Lately the courts have been trying to come up with all sorts of bans to try and keep convicted criminals from using the world wide wibble.

According to Tech Dirt a teenager who it named “J.J.” had received a stolen motorcycle.

He was given probation with a variety of restrictions on computer usage. Apparently he can’t use a computer that contains any encryption, hacking, cracking, scanning, keystroke monitoring, security testing, steganography, trojan or virus software.

He is not allowed to participate in chat rooms, using instant messaging such as ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, or other similar communication programmes.

J.J. Is forbidden to have a MySpace page, a Facebook page, or any other similar page and shall delete any existing page.

He is not allowed to even look at a computer for any other purpose other than school related assignments and has to be supervised when he does so.

But the point is that he was not charged with any computer crime. A computer was not related to his receiving a hot bike.

It is also a bit cruel of the court to order him never to have a trojan on his computer. What is scary is that in some states they police their probation conditions using lie detector tests. If you don’t take the test you are in breach of probation and if the detector finds that you lied you are also in breach of probation. The question “has your computer had a trojan in the last month?” could send you down.

Fortunately a saner judge agreed and has dumped some of those conditions, such as not going on Facebook, as being unreasonable restrictions on free speech.

However, some of the conditions remain. The wording has been changed to forbid him from using computers with viruses, trojans or keystroke monitors, knowingly.

But if he gets one he can’t know why. They still include “encryption” on the list so he can’t even encrypt his email. But at least he can now go on Facebook.

We wonder if the US government’s bizarre legal system is enough to start a counter-revolution.