Unstoppable cyber army would take two years and $100 million

It would only take two years and $100 million to assemble an unstoppable cyber army according to a former US National Security Agency bloke.

Charlie Miller, who is now a researcher with Baltimore-based Independent Security Evaluators, showed off his plan for global world domination to a gathering of hackers at the DefCon gathering in Las Vegas.

According to AFP, Miller said that he pretended North Korea asked him to orchestrate a cyber attack on the United States and lay it out as he would do it.

Miller had been asked by the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia to play general in the theoretical attack scenario.

He said that he knew it was easy, but now he knew how easy it is, the generals should be jolly worried.

His strategy targeted smart grids, banks, communications and all other aspects of a nation’s technology infrastructure.

A cyber army would number about a thousand soldiers ranging from elite hackers who would act as commandos to basic college trained geeks.

What he would do is establish beachheads in computer systems during the two years before the main cyber invasion.

This is the only time when the attack can be stopped. However he said that single targets, such as stock market or military networks, could be attacked much more economically.

Cyber war is great for North Korea because it is so behind the technology times that crashing the entire global internet would leave it unscathed. It is also unconstrained by alliances or friendships with other countries with more to lose in an Internet Armageddon.