UK searches for cyber security experts

MI6 and FBI eat your heart out, because it’s computer geeks that are now being recruited to keep the nation secure.

The Cabinet Office has launched a national public competition to find people with a talent for keeping computers and networks secure to help fight the growing problem of cyber crime, reports the BBC.

The Cyber Security Challenge (CSC), is modelled around a scheme which is already running in America. It’s supported over here by a number of organisations including the Metropolitan Police, The Institute of Information Security Professionals, Qinetiq and Royal Holloway college.

People who think they are up to the challenge will be asked to solve puzzles and online games, which will push skills such as network analysis, logical thinking, digital forensics and programming skills. Those that pass these tests will receive mentoring, training and scholarships to help improve their skills and eventually lead them to a career in cyber security.

We’re still waiting for comment from The MET Police  but Judy Baker, director of the CSC, told the BBC: “We are increasingly dependent on networks and computer systems.

“The whole digital economy and society is structured around them. There’s a real need for people with these skills and they can give great value back to the nation as a whole.”

The challenge starts on 27 April and is aimed at those 16 or over.