UK cops given 1984 style powers to protect Olympic brands

The Olympics is coming to London in 2012 and police powers in this country will be extended to protect companies sponsoring the games from having their brands polluted by their competitors.

According to Reuters, the cops will be able to stop people from carrying items to sporting events that compete with the sponsors.

The UK government already has over 1,000 reasons to enter your house. And the cops will be given the power to enter people’s homes and do weird things like seize posters, says Reuters.

So if you are crazy enough to wander over to the site with a Burger King cheeseburger rather than a McDonald’s, expect a cop to snatch it from your hand and confiscate it.

If you are nuts enough to be drinking Pepsi Cola rather than Coca Cola, expect that to be poured down the drain too.

For goodness sake don’t bring your HP, Dell, Lenovo or Sony laptop to the games, because Acer is a top level sponsor too.

You’ll be OK if you’re wearing an Omega watch, like we all do.

Don’t pay for things with your Mastercard because Visa is a sponsor.  If you’ve got a Samsung mobile phone, that will be OK. Samsung is another top level sponsor.