Two-year delay of public ID card report explained

A Freedom of Information request by departing director at privacy rights advocates Big Brother Watch has tried to explain away a phenomenal delay in the publication of the official ID card report.

The National Identity Service Independence Assurance Panel’s report on ID cards came to the conclusion that the whole proposal was wrought with shoddy management and design. It was submitted to the Home Office in December 2009.

It didn’t appear online until the 4th of January this year.

Mr. Deane posted a simple, to-the-point FOI request: “I wish to know why, when the report is dated “December 2009,” it was not released until 4 January 2011.”

The response that came through, as Big Brother Watch’s campaign director Daniel Hamilton says from his bog, “appears to indicate that they basically had other things to do and didn’t consider it important enough to release to the general public in a timely manner.

“How reassuring.”

Speaking to TechEye, Hamilton applauds the response for its honesty in being crap: “It’s outrageous that the Home Office waited so long to release such a crucial report. Credit where credit’s due, however.

“They’ve raise the white flag and admitted the delay is based on a mixture of poor management practices and their belief the report wasn’t that important in the first place. The Home Office has a duty to provide the public with prompt access to information – warts and all – not to horde it for months on end.”