Two Spanish hackers apply for security jobs

The Security outfit which spent most of last year helping Spanish  coppers nick three men suspected of operating and renting access to a massive and global network of hacked computers had two surprise job applications.

About 60 days after their arrest, Panda Security had a visit from two of the hackers asking to be hired as security researchers.

The pair known by the online nicknames “Netkairo” and “Ostiator,” were arrested by Spanish police for their role in running the “Mariposa” botnet.

Panda’s Luis Corrons told the Krebs on Security Bog  at first, he couldn’t believe it, and thought someone in the office was playing a practical joke on him.

Ostiator told him with everything that’s been happening, they were  not earning any money.

He thought there was some kind of arrangement the pair could come to with Panda. Netkairo and Ostiator haven’t yet been charged with any crime. But Corrons recognised that the names and addresses on the resumes matched those that police had identified as residences belonging to Netkairo and Ostiator.

The pair showed up again in April asking if Panda was thinking of hiring them.

When it became clear that Panda wasn’t interested in hiring him, Netkairo changed his tune, Corrons said, claiming he had found vulnerabilities in the company’s cloud anti-virus software and theatened to publish the information, it’s alleged.

Later that week, someone opened a blog at Google Blogspot using the account name “NeTK,” and posted a video labeled Panda Cloud Antivirus Detection Bypass POC.