Twitter users hit by scam

Twits using the social notworking site Twitter have been warned not to give anyone their password after a phishing campaign started on the site.

The official Twitter Trust and Safety account issued the warning early today that read “If you receive a DM asking “LOL is this you,” it’s not. It’s phishing. Don’t enter your password!”

Um yes, because there is always a legitimate reason to hand over your password to anyone. But apparently it is a major problem amongst the brain dead people who use twitter to send more than half a dozen messages a day.

A follow-up tweet directed Twitterers who think their account might have been phished to its support website, which contains tips on how to determine if your account has been compromised.

How do you know if giving your password out was a bad idea? The helpful people at Twitter have just warned the terminally dim that something is wrong if their twitter account starts sending out twits that they didn’t write.

This morning there was a third warning which said. “In general, if you see any msg, DM or no, asking “LOL is this you” or some variant, it’s usually a scam/spam. Be aware of phishing attempts!”

If you follow the link you get redirected to a fake Twitter login page and it is Goodnight Vienna.  Of course if you get that far you really have a lot to worry about.  Darwin’s Law is probably your worst enemy.