Twitter accounts traded for 1,000 dollars

A security firm reckons that Twitter IDs are in such demand, crooks are selling identities for $1,000 a pop.

According to Imperva, the price of a file of user credentials depends on what type of services are being offered.

For example, says Imperva, the going rate for a Hotmail account is only $1.50, while a Gmail collects $80. That’s because the type of person using Gmail is likely to have more business users than Hotmail.

Plus, if you pick up a Gmail set, that also lets you hack into cloud dervices like Google Docs and Adword.

Amichai Sulman, Imperva’s CTO, said there are reports of Twitter credentials changing hands for $1,000 – because of the possibility of other Web 2.0 applications it can open up.

While some businesses use Twitter, there’s evidence that a lot of them think it’s just a waste of time. What can they mean?