Turkish government arrests Anonymous suspects

Inspector Knacker of the Istanbul-not-Constantinople Yard has fingered the collar of more than 32 people, on the suspicion that they were members of Anonymous.

The 32, five of them under 18, are believed to have been involved in DoS attacks against Turkish government websites. It is claimed that Turkey’s Telecommunications Presidency and the Ministry of Labor were all hit.

Anonymous declared war on the government after Turkey’s Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK) decided to bring in a web censoring system in August.

This is not really news. Turkey has demanded ISPs block access to sites such as YouTube, often for years, due to real or dreamed up breaches of Turkish law.

Usually the best way to get your site censored is to insult the dead founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This is a bit odd really as it is probably not the sort of thing Atatürk would have supported.

Anonymous is worried that the filters will allow the government to record and monitor the activity of citizens, and prevent them from making political protests.

The arrests were made in 12 cities around Turkey. Apparently 13 of those on board the Midnight Express were claimed to be plotting an attack on the site of the Supreme Election Board (YSK), to coincide with the publication of the results of yesterday’s election.