Trojan could have caused Spanair plane crash

It’s been two years since the tragic Spanair flight JK-5022 crash. Now reports are surfacing that the ground computer responsible for triggering an alarm after three failures are reported in a plane, failed to do so.

According to El Pais this was because the computer was infected with a trojan. The publication said that the PC located in the headquarters of the airline in Palma de Mallorca should emit an alarm on the monitor if a fault for three similar technical problems was identified. However, a report by investigators, which apparently consists of 12,000 pages, has now suggested that these didn’t go off as the PC was contaminated with a malicious program.

And this has been taken so seriously that the judge looking into the case has asked for proof of this data. Other factors that have led investigators to believe this may be the cause of the crash that killed 154 of its 172 passengers and crew, is that Spanair took around 24 hours show computer failures of its planes.

The judge said that if these had been identified before then the plane would never have taken off.

There are currently two defendants in the case, both Spanair technicians.

Earlier this month Euro Weekly reported that the company had detected a new case of phishing that directly affected customers. Internet users had been receiving emails pretending to be from the airline with the offer of a bogus free flight. Upon clicking on the link they were taken to a page asking for personal data and details.