Tory MP's Twitter, Facebook, and blog accounts hacked

Tory MP Therese Coffey had her Twitter, Facebook, and blog accounts hacked recently, resulting in a slew of offensive comments posted for all and sundry to see, reports London Spin Online.

Coffey’s Twitter account had the name changed to “thegh0st”, location changed to “z0ned”, and bio changed to “been pwned by thegh0st 2010”, presumably revealing the hacker’s online persona. A number of tweets were made that were sexually explicit and derogatory of the Conservative Party and David Cameron’s wife in particular.

One of the least explicit tweets was: “She looks like that man from that film…erm the disney one…erm trying to think of its name…OH YEAH LIKE SHREK :)”

Coffey was probably using the same password for all three services, making it easier for the hacker to gain widespread access to her social networks once one of them had been compromised.

She managed to regain control of her Facebook and blog accounts, where she deleted the derogatory remarks and left this message: “Apologies to everyone. My account has been hacked. Hopefully back under control now. I have the email address of the person who has hacked in, so hopefully I can do something about it.” 

Her Twitter account, however, appears to be still in the hands of the hacker. Coffey said she could not get access to her Twitter account to remove the messages and is presumably still working on the problem. So if you want to see the sort of nasty, childish, but kind of funny things thegh0st is saying, head on over – not work safe, for language.

The hacker made a threat to Tim Montgomerie, Editor of, saying: “@timmontgomerie youre next on the chopping list…freak”. Tim’s account appears to be currently under his control, but we’ll keep an eye open.

Earlier this month Sophos warned Facebook users to be extra vigilant following a series of account hacks, but clearly the same applies to other social networking sites as well.