Top hacker says Windows 7 is harder to hit

One of the world’s top hackers Charlie Miller has said that Windows 7 is a harder nut to crack than OS-X.

Despite all the advertising from Jobs’ Mob which says otherwise, Miller told One IT Security that Windows 7 is slightly more difficult because it has full address space layout randomization. It also has a smaller attack surface with no no Java or Flash installed by default.

Even before Windows 7, Microsoft’s stuff was harder to crack than OS-X because it had a data execution prevention. Recently however it is easy to get around these protections in a browser in Windows.

Linux is just as easy to hack because the vulnerabilities are in the browsers.

Generally most of the problems for both Windows and OS-X are based around Adobe Flash. He agrees with Steve Jobs that you have to be barking to run Flash on any operating sytem.

Miller has made his name hacking OS-X and the iPhone. He said most of his hacks can be found in fairly common Mac hacking books.