Tony Blair suffers data leak

A hacker outfit calling itself TeaMp0isoN hacked into the server of a staffer working for Tony Blair and stole the former British Prime Minister’s address book.

It has released Blair’s address book including the names, phone numbers and addresses of numerous British politicians and personal contacts. It also has published Blair’s National Insurance number.

The data was nicked in December 2010. Team Poison claimed that it still had access to the mail server where the data was stored.

A Blair spokesman told CNN  that the data was not obtained from Blair himself, but rather the personal email account of a former staffer.

Team Poison member “TriCk” twittered that Blair’s office was lying about how it got the info.

It said that the leak was retribution for Blair’s role in the “War on Terror” and his support of the US-led war in Iraq.

Team Poison is a hacker group that has ties to Pakistan. Last week it declared “war” on rival hacker group LulzSec and defaced the website of one Sven Slootweg. Team Poison claims Slootweg is a member of LulzSec, something that Slootweg denies.