Think tank plans cyber attack on US

A think-tank of defence interests is planning a a cyber attack on America’s infrastructure on February 16 to scare the country into buying their products.

Cyber ShockWave says the simulation aims to “provide an unprecedented look at how the government would develop a real-time response to a large-scale cyber crisis affecting much of the nation.”

Dusting off a bit of communist scare stuff, the outfit wants to show how vulnerable the US is to cyber attack from China and Russia as possible enemies.

According to the outfit the cyber attack is going to be war-gamed, in public, for all the country to see.

It will be quite realistic, featuring senior intelligence and national security officials, including former directors of intelligence agencies and combatant commands and homeland security advisers.

John Negroponte will be a fictional Secretary of State. Ex-DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff will be the National Security Adviser. Fran Townsend, the former White House Homeland Security Adviser, will be the secretary of DHS. Former CIA deputy director John McLaughlin will be the Director of National Intelligence.

But there is something darker behind the whole thing.

The simulation has the backing of several companies including General Dynamics who just happen to make a fortune flogging security gear to the government.

Other members of the think tank include makers of military hardware Lockheed Martin which has already given the thumbs up to provide security gear to fight any cyber war. There is also L-3 Communications, JPMorgan Securities, and the Aspen Institute.

The BPC advisory board consists of Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole, and George Mitchell. In other words a bunch of establishment neocons and neolibs.

Now that using global terrorism as an excuse to buy expensive technology is starting to wear off , it seems that the BPC wants to make the world+dog scared of Chinese and Russian cyber attack.

Tinfoil hat wearers have already pointed out that the recent Google attack by China was blown out of proportion by practically everyone. Google later admitted its products and customer data were not affected by the attack. Yet the establishment helped to hype it.

The planned BPC simulated attack will be staged less than two weeks after the House overwhelmingly passed The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act. Something that gives the Obama administration the power to switch off the Internet. No doubt something that would probably have not gone through so quickly if it had not been based on a fear of Chinese aggression in the wake of the Google attack.

The bill is now in the Senate for consideration.

Basically it all appears to be government and large corporations sticking cigarettes under the sprinkler systems to encourage American’s to back more spending on cyber security.

And who will benefit from all this? Come on down General Dynamics and L-3 Communications who just happen to be behind a simulation next week.