There's no legal way to reveal anonymous comments

Israel’s top judges have decided that it is legally impossible find out the names of people who slag you off anonymously online.

Justice Eliezer Rivlin dismissed a petition and the procedure to reveal anonymous posters saying that it was all a cunning plan to force the justice system and a third party to conduct an inquiry for a civil suit.

He said that using the court in this way was not trivial and involves policy consideration and requires legislative regulation.

Basically his ruling means that until a procedure will be legislated, petitions to reveal anonymous users may not be granted.

It means that Israel’s politicians will have to draw up a law pretty sharpish, but Rivlin warned that they should be careful.

He said that shattering the ‘illusion of anonymity’ will raise associations of a “big brother”.

Other countries do not seem to have engaged in such navel gazing. Most places you can ask your ISP who has been slagging you off and get an answer. But at least in Israel, the court has thought deeply about the implications of doing that.