There's gold in them thar Taiwanese hills

A gold rush between 1850 and 1949 fuelled a heap of mines in Taiwan – or as it was then known, Formosa. But the vein was all washed out when we visited Ruifang on our last full day in Old Taipei.

Japan invaded the ROC (Republic of China) in 1904, and intensified efforts to extract the gold before they were cast adrift in the wake of the Second Great War.

The mining area is now a resort for tourists and indeed when we were there on Saturday, the place was milling with people, even though the rain was teeming down. There was serious danger from weapons in the hands of people unable to wield them properly, that is to say umbrellas.

The miners must have had such a gas! The last picture shows the first kinema, sorry cinema opened in Taiwan (ROC).

Tapei Seaside

Seaside Gold Mines

Mike pic

Mike's pic

Gold Mines

The poor bloody miners