The US Internet is not safe

The director of US National Intelligence is telling the world+dog that the Land of the Free could be turned over by a crippling cyber attack.

Dennis Blair’s comments in the Christian Science Monitor says are a response to the hacking of Google by China.

He claims that the computerised critical infrastructure of the US is “severely threatened” by malicious cyberattacks now occurring on an “unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication.”

Blair said that sensitive information was being half inched daily from government and private sector networks. His spooks are finding “persistent, unauthorised, and at times unattributable presences on exploited networks which are the hallmark of an unknown adversary.”

If the US was involved in a crisis it could not be sure that its cyberspace infrastructure will be available or reliable, he said.

He added that the US and the world face greater vulnerability to disruption as a result of convergence of voice, facsimile, video, computers, and controls that operate critical infrastructure on only one network.