The iPhone is a business risk

Companies dumb enough to fall for Apple’s sales pitch are offering cyber criminals an open door into their organisation.

The head of the Australian Crime Commission John Lawler said that there is a global obsession with the iPhone which is a threat to security.

He said that an entire criminal industry has sprung up around it which is based on the fact people have an ”overwhelming desire for instant services”.

While this is OK for individuals who can only lose their personal details, but if the iPhone is introduced into a company network it could be really bad, he warned.

Apple claimed that more than 70 Fortune 100 companies were either using or trying out iPhones as IT managers started listening to users and replacing the more secure corporate friendly Blackberry

According to AP,  Lawler said that unlike the BlackBerry and other smartphones, the iPhone does not allow a company’s IT staff to install and upgrade its own security software.

Instead users are asked to trust in the almighty power of Steve Jobs to protect them from all security problems. This faith-based security makes the iPhone a chocolate teapot for corporate security policies, Lawler said.

To make matters worse the increasing ubiquity of the phone meant that criminals were finding more and more opportunities to use it to intrude, to steal and to defraud, he said. 

Basically he seems to be saying that Corporate IT should not be dictated to by Apple fanboys who want to hand everything over to Steve Jobs.