Texas school gives up on RFID tagging

After winning court cases which confirmed it had the right to tag children with RFID, a Texas school has abandoned the scheme in favour of spying on them with cameras.

Northside, in San Antonio, has come up with an alternate technology to the problem of ensuring an accurate headcount instead.

The scheme attracted much public interest when one kid, Andrea Hernandez, decided the RFID tags were the Mark of the Beast and refused to wear one. When she lost in court she transferred to another school to avoid the IDs.

The court pointed out that the bible clearly stated that the mark of the beast had to be on the forehand or hand and was used for the buying and selling of goods.

According to Chron, Northside Independent School District spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said the microchip-ID program turned out not to be worth the trouble.

It was supposed to increase attendance by allowing staff to locate students who were on campus but didn’t show up for roll call.

But spying on the movement of kids did not increase attendance and school staff found themselves wasting a lot of time trying to physically track down the missing students based on their RFID locators.

The district never acknowledged that the chips posed legitimate privacy concerns and still claims that if you are a student at school, there is no privacy.

Apparently Plan B is the British Solution which is to install hundreds of HD CCTV cameras and follow kids around the school with them.