Tesco computer glitch gives Scottish shoppers cheap beer

Coppers were called out to the normally calm branches of Tesco as a perfect storm of Scottish shoppers and cut-price lager created pandemonium in the forecourt.

A benevolent gremlin in the computer system caused a pricing error in tills, meaning that crates of booze were being sold with the price plummeting from £20 to just £11 for a boot-load of lager or cider.

The glitch affected stores across the country but in Greenock heavily congested car parks turned into a war zone as thrifty thirsty customers clamoured to get their hands on the cheap grog.

Word began to get round after people started posting info on social media sites, with one person stating on Twitter that “Someone put it on Facebook and apparently they can’t do anything till 10pm tonight … the beer isle is heaving!”

Hordes then descended on crates of Guinness, Stella, Magner’s and other top brands, with fears that large numbers thirsty Scots could have put a dent in the mighty Tesco’s profits.

One luck punter told The Daily Record that “They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch but it would appear Tesco were just about giving away a free pint.”

The supermarket admitted that all of its Scottish stores had indeed been hit by the glitch but attempted to downplay the debacle.  They claimed it was a “pricing error affecting only a handful of lines on promotion for a short period” despite the fact that it would likely take until today to actually fix.

The supermarket give-away is similar to a recent situation in New Zealand, where Christian values were severely tested on Good Friday when a store computer inadvertently opened its doors for the shoppers to go on a trolley dash.