Terror police crack down on P2P sites

US Homeland Security, which is supposed to be saving the Land of the Free from terrorists is being used as taxpayer funded enforcement for the movie and music companies.

Because it is supposed to be stopping aircraft flying into buildings, Homeland Security has some special privileges which means it does not need legal niceties like warrants to act.

Gizmodo has found out that the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been seizing domains of BitTorrent sites and sites associated with counterfeit goods.

But they are doing this without anyone having to complain or going to a court to get a warrant.

Some of the torrent sites ICE has been seizing have no tracker, carry no torrents and list no copyright works unless someone searches for them.

In otherwords Homeland Security has been shutting down search engines that specialise in P2P traffic. The names include 2009jerseys.com, 51607.com, amoyhy.com, b2corder.com, bishoe.com, borntrade.com, boxedtvseries.com, boxset4less.com, boxsetseries.com, burberryoutletshop.com,
cartoon77.com, cheapscarfshop.com, coachoutletfactory.com, discountscarvesonsale.com,and handbagspop.com.

While some of them are clearly flogging dodgy goods it is clear that Homeland Security is using its powers to enter the sticky minefield of movie and music copyright law.

For example, Homeland Security could shut down Google which more or less does the same sort of thing as some of these sites.

The other question is what is an outfit like Homeland Security doing using terrorist law to police the sale of counterfeit goods? How will stopping the sale of a fake watch stop Bin Laden in his tracks? It seems that the US is using anti-terror laws to create a police force that can do what it likes.