TechEye not trendy enough for Trend Micro

It’s all very well being the all-seeing TechEye, but sadly, when folks are being prevented from seeing our stories, our omniscience goes from omnipotent to impotent rather quickly.

And who do we have to thank for our cloak of interwibble invisibility? Well, that would be Trend Micro, the self-proclaimed “global leader in network antivirus and internet content security software.”

According to our sources, anyone with Trend Micro’s software installed on their machine gets sternly warned off TechEye’s world-class editorial – apparently because we’re spreaders of malware.

Yes, it would appear that for no good or apparent reason, even to Trend Micro employees themselves, TechEye has been found infectious.

When we called the firm to find out how to cleanse ourselves, we were told by the Global Public Relations Director, Michael Sweeny, to fill out a “detection re-evaluation” form. And use some anti-fungal gel while you’re at it.

So, since when do security companies get the power to decide which sites live or die? When exactly was it that this transaction for control over news content occurred? And could it be that the big firms simply don’t want their employees reading news about them, especially from honest, unbiased, uncensored sources?

When we asked Mr. Sweeny how exactly his firm had decided that TechEye was a vicious, malicious, malware mongering site to be blocked, he responded “I just don’t know.”

Head of global comms just doesn’t know how his firm’s software works, shocka.

He went on to say “it could be because you’re a new site” … but perhaps, if our conspiracy theory is correct, he meant to say “because you’re a news site.”

Either way, Mr. Sweeny has promised us that he will “escalate” the issue with his superior commanders and, pending our imminent re-evaluation, try to get things sorted.

When we thanked him for this, Sweeny responded “uh-huh.”