Techeye editor joins Incisive Board

Update: This was an April’s Fool Joke by one of our feelancers,  but someone at Incisive didn’t get the joke, it appears. Ed.

TechEye editor, Mike Mageek will take a new job on the board of Incisive Media, the outfit which already owns his Inquirer magazine.

Magee, who was named the 35th most influential man in British technology, just behind a person who makes vacuum cleaners, will take up his new post on the board today.

The move will end speculation that he was returning to the Inquirer as News Editor following the exit of Ian Williams.

Incisive Media’s CEO Tim Weller said that bringing on Mageek was vital if the company was going to usher in the new media revolution it has planned.

Mageek broke the mould of traditional technology publishing when he launched his online spoof magazine “The Register” in 1664, the Kronenburg Era.   He later went on to form the which was bought by VNU Business Publications, which was then sold to Incisive.

Weller said that Mageek had an unusual approach to online media which appeared to be successful.

“Certainly we have a lot to learn from his approach. We are already conducting some of our more important business meetings in the upstairs room of the Star and Garter,” Weller said.

In a press release, Mageek said that he was eager to kick the ball running and was looking forward to creating a new paradigm for New Media at Incisive.

Magee said there was no problem with him working for Incisive while at the same time remaining editor of Techeye.

“In this industry competition is all an illusion.  Everyone is really good mates really, just ask Nvidia and AMD,” he said.

Mageek is 94.