Tech boffins look for disloyal soldiers

US tech boffins at DARPA are trying to develop a computer algorithm which will detect if a soldier is disloyal.

The army is a little worried about solders turning on their buddies, or deserting, or giving top secret information to Wikileaks.

So Darpa is asking for algorithms to find and pre-empt the next military embarrassment.

As typical for America, there’s a daft name for the project. It will be called the Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales, or Adams.

Using an algorithm it will sift through a huge database to find warning signs of looming homicide, suicide or other destructive behaviour.

The idea will be to catch soldiers before they go haywire.

The problem is, says Darpa, that the Defense Department doesn’t actually know how “a soldier in good mental health” actually comes to pose an “insider threat.”

When researchers look at the evidence after the fact, there is usually a trail which was ‘obvious’, but it wants to find the trail before something happens.

Darpa wants boffins to suggest ideas for Adams, according to Wired.