Symantec says pcAnywhere is now secure

Symantec has given its users the all clear to run its pcAnywhere software for accessing remote PCs after it asked customers last week to disable the product.

The red-faced insecurity outfit issued the warning after it was discovered that a flaw in pcAnywhere put users at a greater risk of being hacked

The move followed the publication of the software’s blueprints which were stolen in 2006.

Symantec said that the theft put users of all versions of the product at greater risk of losing data to hackers.

Company spokesman Brian Modena told Reuters that Symantec had worked out that it was safe to use the current version of the product, pcAnywhere 12.5, as long as it was updated with a security patch released on 23 January.

It is offering free upgrades to pcAnywhere 12.5, even those using old editions that would not typically qualify for support, he said.

The company thought that the theft of the code posed no threat as long as customers were using the most recent versions of Symantec’s software. However, users of pcAnywhere might face “a slightly increased security risk.”