Symantec buys encryption outfits

Insecurity outfit  Symantec has bought a pair of encryption companies, because you can never have too  much encryption.

Symantec has written a cheque to buy  GuardianEdge, for $70 million, and PGP, for $300 million. GuardianEdge flogs software  for encryption of hard disks, removable storage, and smartphones. PGP offers both disk encryption and mail encryption software, along with systems for managing PKI. Both have their feet in the door with lucrative government contracts.

The pair of companies are already Symantec  OEMs and so all their software is already integrated into Symantec’s existing software line-up.

Symantec CEO Enrique Salem has indicated that that there is fresh scope to carry out further integration with the company’s existing backup, security, and Software as a Service products.
The notwork insecurity outfit is big on buying things. It bought  backup company Veritas for $13.5 billion, however the PGP and GuardianEdge purchases are the first major acquisitions in the encryption market.