Swedes will open their networks for chocolate

It does not matter what security provisions you have on your network, your average Swede will reveal all their passwords to a Chinese hacker for a block of chocolate, a new survey has revealed.

The news agency TT sent out one of their hacks pretending to be a representative of an anti-virus company conducting a public survey on password habits.

Chocolate from WikiAfter being promised chocolate for taking part in the survey, many Swedes cheerfully disclosed their Internet passwords to the reporter, TT said.

While security experts have been extolling the virtues of keeping a tight lid on passwords, but it looks like 23 of the 34 Swedes will turn over the computer network to a complete stranger for something sweet.

A block of choc will get you passwords for both pay sites and social sites like Facebook.

Recently another survey, of 5,000 computer users found only 30 percent claimed they never forgot a password, three of four said they used one password for a number of sites, and two-thirds said they had not changed their passwords in over a year.