Steve Jobs tried to smuggle Ninja death stars onto jet in Japan

Steve Jobs, the revered Saint of Appledom and CEO of Apple, was barred from taking ninja throwing stars aboard a private plane in Japan, according to Japanese tabloid SPA.

We imagine he couldn’t bring an iPod on board as they tend to melt. Instead Jobs showed his martial spirit by packing away some weapons, called throwing stars or shuriken in Japanese. Instead of declaring them and sending them into the luggage bay like anyone else would do Jobs wanted to bring them into the passenger section of the plane in his carry bag. 

The weapons were detected in a security scan of the bag at Kansai International Airport near Osaka, prompting the airport officials to tell Jobs he couldn’t bring weapons on board. Clearly while Jobs was in his walled garden of delights all these years he hadn’t noticed the enormous level of global paranoia and safety checks absolutely everyone else in the world is aware of.

The tabloid says that Jobs went bonkers and vowed never to visit Japan again. He apparently argued with officials over it “not making sense” – why anyone try to hijack their own plane, he pondered. Reports suggest that he then dumped the weapons.

Airport officials refused to confirm that the person in question was Jobs, but they did confirm the story. They said that airport rules apply to both public and private planes, meaning that items like shuriken must be declared and sent to the luggage bay, not brought on board with the passengers.

This situation is reported to have occurred in July when Jobs was on holiday with family in Kyoto. We don’t know quite what he’s up to – recently FruityCo patented a bullet-proof line of iPhones.