StartUp Britain off to flying… start with malware website

The government has got off to a flying start following Gideon’s budget announcement that start-ups will benefit most from the frenzied chopping, slashing, swinging and swaying of its merciless axe.

A government website built to boast about the cream of the UK’s start-up trade is loaded with malware.

Reports are unclear but we wouldn’t be surprised if the malware found within StartUp Britain are clearing company coffers to invest in secret duck houses.

It “will be an embarrassment for the government,” said the knowing Auntie, predicting the Bullingdon Bros spilling treble martinis all down their cravats mid-guffaw. 

Insecurity experts over at Sophos say the dodgy link, featured in an article about mega-investor Mr. Warren “All-You-Can-Eat” Buffet, sent visitors on to a third party banking site. Called bankling. 

From bankling dot com, users were then sent onto a faux anti-virus website. It’s that familiar scam that any start-up caught out on probably deserves being de-started. You’ve got a virus! Download this fix – ZEUSEXPLOITVIRUSFIXER.DLL.EXE.DLL.DODGY.