Starcraft 2 torrents loaded with malware

Starcraft 2 has been years and years in the making. Starcraft is basically a national sport in Korea and fanboys the world over have been eagerly waiting its sequel. Unfortunately some gamers don’t give a monkey’s about all the cash, time and effort that’s gone into development and as usual, there’s a slew of torrents sprinkled over the web so the unscrupulous and skint can illegally get their fix.

Maybe some are PO’d at Blizzard for so much as mentioning how it fancied implementing the Real ID scheme, which would force gamers to use their real names instead of for example WiZaRdPiXEEE_xoxo, that they’d head over to a torrent site to trial the game before they buy.

With, uh, all features intact.

Well, Blizzard may take comfort in a spot of schadenfreude as some pirates are getting their PCs loaded with malware.

Greedy fanboys who sidestepped copyright law may find themselves having to deal with the Zbot keylogger Trojan. And that’s just one of the pieces of malware that’s shipping with the many, many, many torrents flooding the net. 

So far, Webroot hasn’t detected any particularly vicious bits of code but the staggering amount of demand for the game means pirates ought to be a little more careful. The security outfit warns on its bog that the tech savvy pirate may not be safe, if you’re using a public torrent network. Or, you know, you could go out and go out and buy the game.