Spam recovers from 2010 botnet murders

Although some influential botnets were killed late last year, spam is gradually clawing its way back in 2011 according to security outfit Kaspersky.

India is still the biggest peddler of spam. About 8.83 percent of global spam traffic comes from India, while in second place is Russia – with half as much in a drop to 4.26 percentage points.

Brazil rose to third place by an additional 0.41 percentage points while Indonesia graduated to fourth place. South Korea found itself at fifth place, which meant global spam traffic rose six places from the previous chart.

Following the murder of the Pushdo/Cutwail botnet in August 2010, the USA’s spam output dropped significantly to record low levels by the year’s end. However it is slowly churning out viagra emails again, reaching its highest level in four months, according to Kaspersky, reaching 4.27 percent at the end of February and set for an increase.

We’ll see a return to highs sooner rather than later, with spam levels reaching as high as 81-82 percent and as soon as the April-May 2011 period.

In fact, malicious files rose 0.43 percentage points in a month from January to February, reacing 3.18 percent of all emails. Kaspersky says, as usual, malicious email programs are generally either worms for harvesting email addresses and programs which are coded to steal data and eventually dosh.