South Korea walloped by re-activated bug

South Korean government and private websites have come under cyber attack a year after the same bug took out sites in the US.

Five websites including those of the South Korean presidential Blue House and the foreign ministry were attacked.

The Korea Communications Commission  insists that little damage was done.  However the attack mirrored an identical attack last July when attacks shut down 25 Internet sites for hours 11 in South Korea and 14 in the United States.

The KCC admitted that the attacks were carried out because some contaminated PCs were left untreated.

 The Zombie PCs reactivated to cause the attacks.  However, this time the amount of traffic from the zombie computers was negligible.

Inspector Knacker of the North Korean Yard said that only 462 computers were used in the new attacks.  Last year 270,000 computers wre activated.

Last year North Korea’s telecommunications ministry was blamed for cyber attacks, although this was later disproved.