Sourceforge takes down "Anonymous" OS

The owners of Sourceforge have taken down the Linux based “Anonymous” operating system from its servers after it was suggested that the hacker collective had nothing to do with the project and it was just malware in drag.

To make matters worse, the software breaks a lot of SourceForge’s rules about transparency and security.

SourceForge’s community team wrote in its bog that it had decided to take this download offline and suspend it until it had “more information that might lead us to think differently”.

The operating system, called Anonymous-OS, was an Ubuntu Linux distribution skinned with Anonymous logos. It is preloaded with a variety of well-known tools for attacking websites, masking and analysing internet traffic, and communication.

But the operating system was denounced by Twitter accounts known to be affiliated with Anonymous. Another apparent outlet for the group, posting on Twitter as “Anonymous”, wrote: “We are not responsible for other people’s lack of common sense. We repeatedly posted Anon-OS is not to be trusted”.

SourceForge said Anonymous-OS appears to be security related with an “attack-oriented emphasis.” Normally the company doesn’t judge projects, but SourceForge said it runs the risk of wrongly classifying a project as malicious, and it doesn’t want to forfeit the trust of the developer community.