SOPA increases Congressmen's campaign funds

In the Land of the Fee, it’s illegal to bribe politicians, but apparently there is nothing wrong with giving them taking large amounts of cash from Big Content.

Big Content has a small fortune to help those who support its SOPA copyright-infringement, censorship bill through the house.

The law, which will basically remove the US Constitution, is backed by a whole host of US companies.

According to Open Congress, these companies have paid over $21 million to make sure the legislation goes through. To be fair, those companies who are opposed to the legislation are bribing congress too. But they have not fronted up quite so much cash. If you want to be bribed by an anti-SOPA company, they have only spent $5 million.

Open Congress shows the real winners have been Sen. Harry Reid who collected $3,502,624, Charles Schumer who made $2,648,770, Kirsten Gillibrand who has banked $2,080,651, Barbara Boxer who made $1,431,843, Scott Brown who counted $1,364,872, Robert Portman who is happy with his $1,363,009, Patrick Toomey who collected $1,291,744 and Michael Bennet who was paid $1,019,172.

Bribe money to the anti-SOPA case seems to be a lot more targeted, with only Sen. Michael Bennet walking away with over a million, $1,312,404.

Basically, it means that you can get any joke law passed in the US if you have enough cash to buy a politician. When this news is made public no one is expected to resign.

While British MPs can be castigated over taxpayers funding their duckponds for a few thousand, it took a revolution to get this unique standard of democracy over the pond.  If the people who backed the US revolution knew what would have become of the country they might just have stumped up and paid that tea tax.