Sony's Thai servers hacked

Finnish insecurity company F-Secure has kicked the slightly apologetic Sony when it is down, unearthing a phishing scheme on a server over in Thailand. It is, however, small fry compared to the other events in recent months.

It is unrelated to the mammoth hacking attempt which brought the PSN network down for all of its users, while leaking private details. 

F-Secure found a phishing website hosted on Sony’s servers which looks pretty authentic and appears to be aiming to scrape Italian credit card details through a CartaSi portal. But the URL is most definitely on

“Basically this means Sony has been hacked, again. Although in this case the server is probably not very important,” F-Secure said from its bog, where you can see the screen grabs.  It says the URL is barred for F-Secure users and Sony has been notified.

Sony recently told partners its server re-buff is very secure indeed.

While the hack is certainly not monumental like the historic attack it initially blamed on Anonymous, it will not reassure some partners that things are well in Sony-land.