Sony PS3 network faces darkness until the end of May

Sony has admitted that the PS3 Network, which is still being advertised on TV, will not be running again until the end of the month.

The network was bought down by a hack which was essentially caused because Sony had not updated its Apache servers letting hackers steal shedloads of personal data.

However it has been dark ever since with users complaining that they can’t spend the day virtually shooting each other.

Some have even admitted to us that they have ventured “outside” which is not normal behaviour for any of them. There have been some reported cases of Sony players getting a life, but these are simply rumours.

But according to AP, while the PS3 remains being heavily plugged on telly, the network will be offline at least until the end of the month.

Sony shut down the PlayStation network on April 20 and while we applaud Sony for making sure everything is right after discovering the security breach, taking six weeks to update servers strikes us as an incredibly long time, unless something else was up.