Sony hires private dicks

Sony has gone all film noire and hired a bunch of private dicks to sort out its security woes.

Apparently the offices of Guidance Software and Data Forte, were approached by a broad who said they worked for one of the largest hardware companies in the world.

People had trusted the dame, known as Sony, with all their personal data and she had done them wrong. A mysterious hacker had broken into two of Sony networks and taken the lot.

Of course the dame herself might have been responsible. It could have been an inside job. Sam Spade once told me, never trust a broad who wears too much DRM.

Still, in the world of network security, a job is a job and Sony appears to be bringing George Washington to the table.

Of course the Feds were also investigating. The moment the Untouchables get involved, Private Dicks usually get told to lay off the case. But it seems Sony is not taking any more chances.

Their bosses had to bow before the press. Japanese do not bow to the media without having to rip out their own intestines with a sharp piece of cutlery.

At the moment Sony have not told the press what they are using the Private Dicks for. It might be to hunt down the hackers and throwing the book at them. But it might be to make sure that the attack does not happen again.

But usually it comes down to the Broad. Never trust the Broad.