Sony hacked again (again)

Sony put over 90,000 accounts on lock-down following a data breach which may have left user’s personal information exposed, again.

Earlier this year, Sony was victim to one of the biggest hacks in history when it emerged every single user was at risk of having their personal details leaked. It was a major gaffe which hurt Sony, hard, however it appears this time the blow was softer.

An executive, Satoshi Fukuoka, confirmed that there was a large unauthorised effort to crack Sony’s servers between October 7 – 10, reports Bloomberg.  

Usernames and passwords were the target, hitting some 93,000 accounts in total – including 35,000 in the USA and 24,000 in Europe. However, credit card information appears untouched.

Fukuoka said there’s no need for alarm – saying that the account suspension was playing it safe, and actually affected accounts are probably a “small portion” of the blocked usernames. Overall, he said 0.1 percent of Sony’s online customers were hit.

Boss Howard Stringer avoided forcible hara-kiri on-stage at Sony’s HQ after the enormous attack earlier this year, so this one is likely just a drop in the ocean.