Sony goads hackers

Sony boss Howard Stringer has appointed a top security fellow from the US’ Department of Homeland Security. 

Stringer recently went on record to talk about how Sony is bouncing back from its disastrous server attack which compromised all of the personal details of every paying customer. An attempt to shift the villainy onto hackers failed, with many wondering how it could ever trust Sony again.

Now Stringer is on a PR mission to talk up the importance of security at Sony. You can trust us – we care. 

However, a cynic would suggest the electronics giant is simply engaging in a wizard wheeze to win over the disenfranchised, and even goading the hacktivists into further action.

It’s almost like a call to arms. Sony is claiming to be impenetrable and has Philip Reitinger on its side now, the former director of the US’ National Cyber Security Center [sic], says Reuters

Well, if there’s anything hackers love, it’s a challenge.

A statement given to Reuters said: “Certainly the network issue was a catalyst for the appointment. We are looking to bolster our network security even further.” Much like 0-60 in six months. 

Whether it will claw back share prices remains to be seen.