Sony boss not told about security hacks

The recent hacking of Sony has revealed how much the corporate denizens conspired to keep their CEO Howard Stringer in the dark at the outfit.

It turned out that Sony was hacked in 2008 and Stringer’s minions forgot to actually mention it to him.

Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer claims in an interview with Bloomberg to have known nothing about the previous intrusion and, given the way Sony reacted to the recent hack, we believe him.

Stringer’s view was that the network would not be attacked because it gave people services for free and it didn’t seem like the likeliest place for an attack.

He might have held a different view if he had known that the network was attacked twice in 2008. A British teen got into Sony’s developer network and there was a hack into PlayStation Home.

Sony told Bloomberg  that when one incident that related to PlayStation Network, once it identified what it was, they went in and fixed it

But Sony did not tell Stringer, neither did it order the development of a decent security policy which required servers to be regularly updated and firewalled.

One of Sony’s polices included an upgrade that prevented users installing Linux on the machines. It seems that the outfit was simply complacent and its senior management were kept ignorant about the state of its security. How crap is that?