Soldier posted secret plans on Facebook

The Israeli military had to call off a raid on the West Bank after a soldier mentioned it on his Facebook page.

The soldier from an artillery unit said that “on Wednesday we are cleaning Qatanna, and on Thursday, God willing, going home”.

His friends who saw the posting, alerted their officers and the planned raid on Qatanna was called off.

The fear was that the “hostile groups” working in Qatanna might have also been a friend of the artillery soldier and been ready for the attack.  The IDF often conducts surprise raids on villages and they are less of a surprise when they are posted on the Interweb beforehand.

We often find that we spend a lot of time shooting at the people we call friends on our list and it comes as no surprise that an IDF artillery man might have friended a Hamas agent.   Still, better to be safe than sorry.

It appears that the IDF did not “like” the post and has sentenced the soldier to ten days in the glass house. He was unfriended from his battalion and from all combat postings.