Snowden was a security risk years back

Edward Snowden’s boss warned his CIA bosses in 2009 that he thought that the techie was a security risk.

According to the New York Times, which has mysteriously been able to get its paws on Snowden’s CIA personal file, his supervisor wrote a derogatory report. The report said that there had been a distinct change in Snowden’s behaviour and work habits, as well as a suspicion he was abstracting documents.

The CIA suspected that Snowden was trying to break into classified computer files and decided to send him home from his foreign assignment.

The red flags were ignored and Snowden left the CIA to become a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Apparently, the supervisor’s warning and the CIA’s suspicions apparently were not forwarded to the NSA or its contractors. His personal file surfaced only after federal investigators began looking at Snowden’s record once the leaks began.

The NYT said it stood up the story by talking to half a dozen law enforcement, intelligence and Congressional officials with direct knowledge of the supervisor’s report.

In hindsight, officials admitted the spooks missed opportunity to review Snowden’s top-secret clearance or at least put his future work at the NSA under much greater scrutiny.