Smartphone users don’t know they’re being stalked

Anti-virus firm AVG said that smartphones pose serious security risks and people who use them don’t know just how vulnerable they are.

AVG and the Ponemon Institute canvassed 734 Americans who owned an iPhone, an Android device or a BlackBerry and concluded that there is widespread ignorance about the nature of the threats.

For example, 13 percent of the people surveyed said they knew location data had been planted on their smartphones allowing other people to track where they were. But 21 percent of people didn’t know this could happen.

And while a savvy six percent of people knew mobile apps had broadcast payment details without consent, 11 percent didn’t know that could happen.

While eight percent knew that their phone was infected by dialup software that crooks could use to access premium services, 10 percent of people didn’t know this could happen.

AVG said that it has a free mobile security app called ANTIVIRUSfree that will protect people from many of these threats. There’s an Android download available at