Sky web filter blocks news sites

ISPs have been caught out censoring news sites mentioning torrents as part of the bold new filtering system blessed by the British Prime Minster David “tough on masturbation” Cameron.

Although not quite Cameron’s anti-porn, anti-witchcraft, anti-anything-my-nanny-would-not-like filter, it is pretty close.

Following a High Court ruling last month, six UK ISPs are required to block subscriber access to the popular TV-torrent site

But for some reason Sky subscribers noticed that the blocklist had been quietly expanded with a new site that’s certainly not covered by any court order –

It has been unblocked, briefly, before it was blocked again. TorrentFreak said that the problem lies with Sky’s filtering software that is supposed to enforce the court-ordered torrent site blockades.

The owner of EZTV informed TorrentFreak that he used Geo DNS to point UK visitors to TorrentFreak‘s IP address. The moment that happened the website had become inaccessible to Sky users.

EZTV then pointed the public to some of Facebook’s IP addresses. The idea was to add Facebook to the piracy blocklist, but nothing happened, perhaps because the DNS pointed to a wide range of IP addresses.

What this means is that Sky’s filtering system blocks IP addresses EZTV adds to its DNS.

Ironically the people the courts rule as pirates can block any site they like to Sky subscribers just by pointing their sites to others. The others are then caught in the ISP’s filters.

EZTV’s owner told TorrentFreak that he just wanted to see how the various blocking procedures work at UK ISPs. He never imagined that simply adding a few IP addresses to EZTV’s DNS zone would take out TorrentFreak.