Senate moves to stop TSA bodyscanner perving

Leering US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) staff who are caught having a perv or sharing nude scanning images could be chucked in the clink or fined up to $100,000.  

In a measure to placate a disgruntled public, the US Senate is planning to make it illegal to share images taken in the scans.  The new guidelines for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration are expected to pass through Congress relatively smoothly.

We wonder how easy this will be to enforce.

The TSA rolled out its Advanced Imaging Technology scanners in 65 airports throughout America last year.

Known as backscatter imaging, the body scanning technology can see through a person’s clothes to reveal any metal bombs, shanks, guns and, er, junk. To do this it uses a low intensity X-ray to scan a person’s body at high speed.

The X-ray bounces off the body back to the machine, at which point a detailed nude image appears on the screen.

Supposedly the scanners don’t have the capability to save or transfer pictures, however  recent documents from cases involving the US Federal Marshals reveal that this may not be true.

TechEye has also noted the potential for leaked images among celebs and similar.

Back in November the world’s largest association of pilots went to war following the suspension of an American pilot for refusing to be scanned.

They also cited fears that that scanners could emit twenty times more radiation than authorities said.